Thursday, November 13, 2008

C-dore 14's flashback

I don't think this is specific to NATO ....
10 Levels of being a NATO Staff Officer

1. Euphoria: Phase between receipt of orders and check-in. "Pack your bags honey, we're going to Europe!"

2. Motivated: Check-in phase. Ends the moment you receive your first "NATO" task.

3. Confusion: First NATO task received. It makes no sense.

4. Disillusionment: You realize that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

5. Guilt: You submit a NATO leave chit to take off for an entire month.

6. Focused: You know the difference between AlP, ACE, NRD and can route a SSS.

7. Anger: Tired of stupid tasking.

8. Apathy: Tired of being angry.

9. Acceptance: The "You can't fight city hall" mentality takes effect. Eventually you end up at level 4 again.

10. Stockholm Syndrome: You use the words "NATO" and "WE" in the same sentence.
Hat tip NATO spy.

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