Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2 out of 3 ain't bad

At least we managed to dodge Gore and Kerry.

First of all; be happy! You hold a US passport (most of you) and you live in a nation where the mixed race son a a foreign national with the name Barack Hussein Obama can be elected to the highest office in the land. Ignore the man's politics for a moment - and just know that the election puts a lie to most of the junk the anti-American Left, International Left, and US Navy Diversity Bullies say about this country and race - not that this will stop them. They have self- righteousness and paychecks to feed. Of course, the real fun parts has been watching the Europeans fawn all over Obama knowing full well that they would never elect, say, the mixed race son of an immigrant from Gabon as the President of the Republic...but that is ok. We are us and they are them. Also, we should all bask in the glory that to much of the Muslim world that knows their Sharia - we just elected and apostate to Islam as our President. That should twist the knickers of a few folks out there. In summary; the Republic will survive, do not despair - for the wheel will turn.

Now for the sober bits. Give credit to Sen. Obama and his supporters, they ran a great campaign and did what few thought could be done. Don't sneer with luck and excuses at team Obama - luck is when opportunity meets preparation. They were prepared. I will tip my hat to them. You also have to give credit to the Democrats in Congress. From '06 to '08 the Democrats did an almost perfect rope-a-dope WRT their policy pushes. They showed, with a few leakers, remarkable discipline waiting for the Republican veto to go. They waited for the clear shot - and boy-howdy they have it now. Gird your loins Shipmates; there is a huge backlog built up that will gush forward in '09 as they see nothing but sunshine and the Old Horses try to take advantage of a Democrat President's honeymoon period (and he will have a big one) and his lack of Executive experience to get the "held in strategic reserve" agenda of the House and Senate through - not so much the Obama agenda as it will take some time for form from clay. Now they have to govern - that is the tricky bit.

Now, clear the cheese cloth from our eyes and lets take a sober look at what decision the American voters have made. We now have waiting for us in the new year the most Leftist government this nation has seen arguably in 70 years or 40 years depending on what formula you want to use. You can also argue that the potential exists for this to be the most Left - only time will tell.

In the unlikely event that the gamblers of hope like Christopher Buckley et al works out - Obama may demonstrate the Executive Leadership he has never had to learn fast enough to be pragmatic and try to lead from the Center - but I wouldn't count on that. This is a very unique window of opportunity to make huge changes in this country - changes Obama has always wanted to make - and he only has 2 years to really get it done - really 1 as by 01 JAN 10 all of Congress and 1/3 of the Senate will be looking at re-election and will avoid any far-Left programs that may cost them their seat.

It would be nice if Obama has the background and instincts of the Center-Left William Jefferson Clinton, but he doesn't. He is what he is - the most Leftist Senator, and we should expect his Presidency to mirror the man. He may be pragmatic, but one thing I do know, he will be fed bills by a Leftist Legislature and you cannot vote "Present" as President. He will have to take a stand. By mid-summer, the "I didn't vote for that" will start to come in from the squishy middle.

The danger we face without any Republican ability to check and balance is that a deal will be struck between the Executive and Legislative Branches. Obama signs all the Dem's Bills into law - and in return they will fund his pet projects and approve all his appointments quickly. The taxpayer will be stuck in the middle - but hey - sometimes you make your own luck. Once Obama gets his footing though, that '10 election will be coming around and then things will get interesting - but the next 18 months will be - well, we'll find out.

America, be careful what you wish for - because you most surely have received it.

I think we should also take a moment to give Sen. McCain a nod for his Shakespearian run. Arguably one of the most qualified and deserving people to run for President, he lost to one of the least experienced and deserving men to run for President. He fought a bit too honorably against a foe who had few qualms using the race card, abuse campaign finance laws, and supported voter fraud - all things Obama didn't need to do to win, and takes away a little of the luster from his shine today. No, McCain lost the '08 race to the same person he lost the '00 primary to - George W. Bush. Sure, McCain has a few daggers in his back, the worst being Colin Powell's, but he was brought down mostly by the stones in his backpack.

GWB was the largest stone with an extra lead coating of his Administration's inability to exercise some control over the Republicans when they were in power through the veto. There were also the stone that came with the GWB stone called Bremmer, Brown and Paulson. Shame - as none of those were there because of McCain himself. Rest assured that tonight's results would have been much worse if for one thing - his VP nom. Gov. Palin is the one reason that much of the Republican base that was going to sit out came out of the sidelines. There was no enthusiasm for McCain until he picked Palin. The proof of her power are the enemies she picked up for no reason, and the reaction of some that bordered on misogynistic self-hate. Sure, she ganked an interview or two - but none of that was even close to what Biden did - but that didn't matter, and I have no use for excuses. Watch Palin on the fund raising circuit over the next 2-years. She is a draw, and with another tough Senate fight on the way in '10 (yes, the Republicans have to defend more seats then Democrats) and a chance for at worst a dead-cat bounce in the House - she can make some friends early in the party - and hone her skills.

As for recriminations, as you may have gathered, I am not all that interested in them. I don't want to look back - I want to look forward. Go back to my post from a little over 2 years ago before the '06 election - I think the cleansing is mostly done. It is time to turn - something I will address in a post in a few days - but until then, let me give my friends a warning and a directive.

Warning: Do not fall into the right "Black Helicopter" wing-nut conspiracy hell hole. The Left's version you can find at DemocratUnderground, KosKids, HuffPo and others. Just don't go there - that is a children's game. If you are one of those guys who sends emails about birth certificates - then you may be in a place you don't want to be. You are on the fringes of wing-nut land - come back and educate yourself on real issues and real paths to make an impact. Otherwise, you are dead to me.

Directive: Tune in, turn on, drop in like a Daisy Cutter. The Democrats now have to govern. They will show themselves. You now have your liberty and Constitution to defend. Attack their policies. Attack their proposals. Expose their Rangle like corruption. Through the marketplace of ideas lies the next victory. This is a Center-Right country that has stumbled into electing a very smart Leftist to the Presidency and increased their power in the Legislative Branch. There is nothing evil about President Elect Obama - he is just a Leftist. He and Congress will act like such; don't be shocked. Prepare. They will over-reach, and will over-reach early. Stop it via your elected Representatives if you can - if not, turn it around and use it as a weapon to destroy them in the next election. They will leave weapons all over the place - don't be shy to pick them up and use them.

Cowboy Up! We're in for a rough ride - and a fun one if you want to make it that way. Obama's voters have great, unrealistic expectations based on feelings, hope, desire, and in come cases delusion. When they sober up, some will feel cheated, some lied to , some disappointed. The McCain voters will just sit there and say "I told you so" and hand you a BC Powder.

Hey, "Take a Powder" could be a new recurring post-theme. "I told you so" seems so trite and childish. I like "Take a Powder." Consider it done - I even have a pic. Should be fun. Regular readers, feel free to send in news reports over the next 4-8 yrs of people going "I never voted for that....." or "I thought Obama was going to pay my mortgage and take care of my kids ..." They will be taken in as possible "Take a Powder entries."

In a Representative Republic you lose some and you win some. If allowed to work right, it is a self-cleansing system. Everyone will be ok. Finally, we should all wish President Elect Obama a long and healthy life - because does anyone want Sen. Biden as President?

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