Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quote of the week

Women say the darn’dist things.

So, I’m sitting around a big table as we are working a touchy issues that we have yet to receive clear Commander’s Direction and Guidance on. We also feel almost certain as you can in this area what it is – and we cannot wait for the next availability period to get it through to the top for final approval – we have to start working with external actors now, and they have to think that we are working with full top cover.

We go around the bend a couple of times when a rather high-ranking, attractively middle-age civilian in her frustration states;
This has to go forward now. We will just have to fake it until we make it.
The female O4 next to me starts to giggle – all the gathered gray beards stare at each other for a moment; then everyone breaks down.

As it should be. No CMEO complaint – just tired people using clear communication to make a point.

BTW, we are going to take her advice.

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