Thursday, November 20, 2008

Diversity Thursday

I'll take the dog and Chuck Norris; you can have the rest.

Folks, I don't need to parody it any more. It stands on its own.

Diversity Day: October 29, 2008

"Diversity at TSA is more than just visible differences. It integrates the unique variety of men and women in our workforce and community to include individuals from all ethnic, cultural and generational backgrounds. Each person brings an array of different skills, abilities and perspectives that reflects who they are. Creating an environment that welcomes, respects, and develops diverse individuals results in an inclusive culture."
-Diversity Advisory Council
Oct. 24: TSA Weekly Story
Have you noticed the broadcasts and fliers announcing TSA's first Diversity Day celebration on Oct. 29? Diversity Day is part of TSA's Diversity Initiative announced in 2007 to address lack of diversity in various mission critical positions.
Last February, Kimberly Walton, special counselor, used the IdeaFactory to challenge employees to write an essay on how TSA could create and sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace. The winning essay by Houston Behavior Detection Officer Jesse Santiago suggested a diversity gathering so that everyone in TSA could show pride in our diverse backgrounds. The gathering would also allow TSA employees to come together and to share our diverse cultures, talents, backgrounds, and heritage. Diversity Day at TSA was born.
Every office and every airport has been asked to plan their own diversity celebration, and a headquarters Diversity Day Planning Committee has met regularly since Aug. 1. Plans from field locations and headquarters' offices are varied, fun, and sound "delicious," with many locations planning pot luck lunches featuring ethnic dishes. Look for a Diversity cookbook that will feature these dishes. Some recipes are already posted on the Office of Civil Rights and Liberties (OCRL) Sharepoint site. You are encouraged to add yours, along with any pictures from your celebrations.
A "Diversity Day Toolkit" was distributed and is on the OCRL Sharepoint. Diversity theme posters, Diversity Day posters, and Diversity badge holder retractors were sent to headquarters and field locations for distribution.
On Diversity Day, an Armed Forces Color Guard will open the Headquarters Diversity Day program and senior TSA officials will speak. Tentative events include:
  • Dance demonstrations;
  • Hula for your health warm up for a Latin merenge fitness workout;
  • Film on how to communicate effectively with persons with disabilities;
  • Workshops on mentoring for success and how to use TSA's career enhancing services;
  • Poetry/prose reading of literature by diverse and international authors;
  • K-9 demonstration; and
  • Defensive measures and tactics workshop.
The program is as diverse as the day and we want all of TSA to participate, enjoy and learn.
Oh and Jim, I want to see the video of you and the hula. Mahalo.

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