Wednesday, November 05, 2008

PSYOPS against your own nation

Picked it up from Greyhawk and followed all the links to Nir Rosen's embed with the Taliban for Rolling Stone. When you read it all and chew on it there is only one thing you can take away from it - Rolling Stone and Nir Rosen want the West demoralized and to quit Afghanistan to the Taliban and its nightmares we all know will come.

Classic left - quit everything, never question the enemy.

I tend to lean towards Bing West on this though. Rosen isn't the problem.
When our leaders lack moral clarity and courage, then agnosticism about our mission in Afghanistan is understandable. Rosen’s conduct is not the problem; he was taking advantage of American moral lassitude. Our leaders don’t stand up for the righteousness of our cause. Why not hang out with the Taliban, if America’s leaders see nothing wrong with it?

We are fighting a war. Yet the Department of Defense lacks commitment and passion in the cause. It is morally wrong for an American citizen to deceive friendly troops in order to sneak into enemy territory in the company of enemy soldiers. When not one American official or general will speak out, our Soldiers and Marines who are fighting and dying are let down by their leaders.

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