Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is global - it will be generational

A reminder that Islamic terrorism continues to practice its death cult rites. This time India.
The attacks targeted the heart of India's financial district, but the shock waves were felt around the globe. On Wednesday, a group of heavily armed assailants carried out a series of coordinated strikes in Mumbai—killing at least 80, wounding hundreds more, and claiming an indeterminate number of hostages. A group calling themselves the Deccan Mujahedeen claimed responsibility for the mayhem, but their identity could not be immediately confirmed, and many terrorism specialists said they were unfamiliar with the name. Whoever did it took aim at Western passport-holders and prominent targets; among the locations hit were two major hotels, a train station and a hospital. Several top Indian security officials were among the casualties.
More good details here.

India has a history as being a prime target. Next to the West - predominately pagan India will always be a target, especially with radicals from Pakistan.

A bit of luck, but mostly a lot of very hard work by some very dedicated people has prevented this from happening, yet, in the USA. Say what you want about GWB, but give him that. He cashed in a lot of political capital to keep the fight away from our shores. Let us hope the next administration has just as great of a record.

Make no mistake - Islamic terrorism will be with us for a very long time; demographics guarantee it.

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