Saturday, November 01, 2008

Need a regular paycheck?

Looks like Uncle Sam is running out of SWOs. Hey you quitters .... errrr .... Reservists - a little love from you friendly Community Manager.

Point of Contact: Surface Warfare (SWO) Community Manager, CDR Robert Tortora, (901)874-3173,; Full Time Support Community Manger, CDR Erik Horner (901) 874-3482,; CDR Jim McGovern FTS Surface Assignments, (901) 874-4103

Billet Title: TBD, for specific billet info please contact the POC listed above Supported Command,

Duty Location: TBD, for specific billet info please contact the POC listed above Grade/Designator: O-5 and O-6, 1115

Number Required: Up to 10 (four O-6 and six O-5)

Start Date: Within next 6 months or when qualified applicants are identified. Applications can be obtained from the POC above and are due 6 January 2009

Duration: Indefinite, this recall opportunity is for a permanent active-duty recall Clearance Required: Secret, but Current TS/SCI preferred

Type of Orders: Active-duty Permanent Recall orders Description of the Requirement or Tasks to be performed (Special Qualifications Desired): TBD, for specific billet info please contact the POC listed above

Special Travel Considerations or Conditions: Active duty recall orders will be generated and funded by the Active duty Surface Warfare detailers after the officer has been approved for selection.

Additional Remarks:
* Ideal applicants would be those 1115 SWO Captains and Commanders who have served in leadership billets in units supporting major staffs, or have Operational Planning experience
* Overseas assignments are available, and an officer who accepts a 1 year unaccompanied tour will be offered a "bundled detail", which guarantees a follow-on assignment
* Some billets being offered include a $20K or $15K a year bonus
* Application deadline is 6 January 2009
* Expected board date to select interested officers for permanent recall will be held on or about 12 January 2009

The active duty Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) community, designator 1110, is looking for (Selected Reserve (SELRES)) Surface Warfare Officers, with a designator of 1115, to apply for permanent, also termed "Indefinite", recall into the active duty SWO 1110 community.

Based on Active Component 1110 control grade shortfalls, specific FY09 quotas are targeted for Captains and Commanders. Interested RC SWOs should inform their chain of command of their intent and contact the SWO AC or RC Community Manager at the number or email address above.

Due to the shortfall in the Surface Warfare Community and the critical requirement to fill some billets, if a qualified officer applies they will be offered a recall earlier. Once selected for permanent recall, reserve officers will be notified and detailed to their initial active duty assignment with FY 2009.

If selected, this recall is for a permanent, or indefinite, period of time, and would result in a permanent shift from the Reserve Active Status List (RASL) to the Active Duty List (ADL) and would also result in a change in designator from 1115 to 1110.

Any additional questions about this recall should be directed to the SWO community manager POC listed at the above phone number or email address.

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