Sunday, November 09, 2008

Prayer request

When I started blogg'n in JUL 04, the whole MilBlog thing was kind of new. I remember thinking how funny it was after a month having 10 regular readers and 40 or so visits a day. At that time there were a few bloggers that I sought out, and some that found me. Some had just started, others had been going for a little earlier.

There were a few who after a few links and the email here and there, I felt they could safely be called a "blog buddy" - the type that will send you a friendly email if you are out of bounds, make a mistake, or they know of something that doesn't quite fit their blog - but they will send you the idea instead.

That summer, there were the non-military types such as Anne, Bookie, ninme - and there were the big military guys like Greyhawk and John who were always there to provide the helpful hint - and there was also some of the Navy guys that helped each other along in what was and still is mostly a ground combat area. In that small group are folks you are all familiar with such as Eagle1, Lex, and Bubblehead - they, soon followed by Skippy - were my early Shipmates in the blogosphere.

Well, Bubblehead made a little request I wanted to pass along - he was diagnosed with stomach cancer a couple of weeks ago.

Like our blog buddy Rotorhead, I would ask that you include Joel in your prayers. If you aren't the praying type - then send him and email of support or comment.

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