Saturday, November 01, 2008

Long legged Dutch chicks

No, not them - those who will be flying the Dutch F-35 should be happy.
Changes to the cockpit of a new fighter jet could offer hope to would-be pilots who are turned down for the Dutch air force because their legs are too long, an official said Tuesday.

"We had a list of operational requirements, and one of these was that Dutch pilots should fit in the cockpits," air force spokeswoman Sascha Louwhoff told AFP referring to the new aircraft currently under development.

"It may be funny, but it's true... Our pilots are obviously taller than Italian or Turkish pilots. Over the years, the Dutch people have grown taller, and we've had to keep up with that."
... being rather tall myself - the more everyone else knows how nice we are - the better. Those who are important already know.

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