Friday, November 21, 2008

Galrahn gets underway

If you haven't yet, head on over to InformationDissemination an read Gal's last few posts of his underway time on FREEDOM.

Nice, solid first hand reporting - his percolating thoughts on "hybrid Sailors" will be worth watching as it bubbles over the week or so. He had a little "Oh, am I in the way here?" adventure that will make everyone's face make funny shapes.
With the tug still trying to get free and moving at about 4 knots, the ship jerked again as the rope to the tug tightened and pulled Freedom towards the grate on the wall again. I turned to see the Captain, and his face had the look of helplessness as he jumped into the bridge from the bridge wing. Still calling orders to stop the ship, the bridge wing smashed again into the grate. Somehow Captain covered the bridge width in about 10 seconds, grabbed a fender from the starboard bridge wing, and was able to get back to the port bridge wing just in time to prevent a third massive hit, placing the new fender in position to prevent another massive collision between the bridge wing and the last protruding grate of the lock door. That fender exploded too, this time all I saw looking out of the bridge wing door was smoke and the Captain fighting to keep the bridge wing from taking another hit.

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