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Voting guide through 15 DEC

Ymarsaker, there are three non-voting posts below, so don't get mad.

To help everyone review their once a day voting requirements, for "The best 3501-5000 blogs" category I offer the following voting guide.

When you click here or the banner to the right side of the page or the bottom of this post, every day through the 15th, you will see these options. Now, who are these 'bloggers' and what should you know about them prior to your vote?

Let's see;

EagleSpeak? Please. The last thing we need is more bad PR from guys that can't seem to get away from that "You wouldn't believe the fun we had in '78 during that port call at Subic Bay.." drunken Sailor stereotype. I don't care if his Liberty Risk lifestyle inspires math problems, we don't need his type representing our little corner of the blogosphere, or near our endangered environment. He is well know in his neighborhood for being a bad influence. On top of it all, he is a lawyer! Oh, he blogs a lot about pirates. Every wonder why?

Another Rovian Conspiracy? Another bunch of nut-jobs who don't even talk about Karl Rove. Is that the conspiracy, to confuse those who are looking for the orders from the all powerful Karl? It isn't even a real blog - it is a "group blog" of four wing-nuts in a disorganized grabasstic collection of ideas they plagerized from FreeRepublic. If this Rovian Conspiracy is to have the rest of the planet think that the Right is full of idiots, then it is genius.

The Debate Link? A far-Left Moonbat whose idea of an original thought is, well, I couldn't find one. His life goal at this point is:
Student at Carleton College in beautiful Northfield, Minnesota. I dream of being a law prof. But this will hold me till then.
Typical. Wanting to be something that isn't responsible for anyone or anything - force feeding his opinions to a captive audience who just parrot their professor so they can get to the next stage towards chasing ambulances. Perfect. Stuck in an ivory tower his whole life trying to tell others how to live their lives in the real world Herr Professor has never been in.

Insolublog? Do you really want to vote for a blog that revolves around that CHEM 101 and 102 class you had to take twice? Seriously, trying to read this stuff just makes me remember sitting in a room with 300 other students trying to understand a CHEM grad student whose name I couldn't pronounce, who smelled like an Albanian wrestler's singlet, and whatever language he was teaching in, it wasn't English. Yea, he lives in the People's Republic of Mass., but that doesn't mean he should get a sympathy vote.

Martin Andrade Blogs? First of all, his very title is a lie. He doesn't even do his own work. It looks like his parole officer "Captain Bogs" writes for the "blog" as well. Maybe "Capt. Bogs" should spend more time at his home blog, which looks a "look at me, I like playing in the cockpit wearing the Easter Airlines wings I got when I was 10" blog. Who did "Martin" pay to be a finalist? My brain still hurts trying to get through his scat fetish blog full on bare html tags. If you don't know how to "a-h-ref" yet, you should take some time off and upgrade from DOS 3.0. Either that, or get back to the golf course with those goofy glasses you like so much. If you lose that many balls, maybe you should spend less time blogg'n and more time on the range. And Marty, what truth are you keeping from the public?

Right from Left? Another wingnut who has yet to realize that blogger gives you the option of putting pictures to the right and left of the page, as well as the center. Is that it? Is "Right from Left" some way of asking for help with the blogger interface? If so, that is a pi55 poor reason to open a blog. That isn't the least of his problems, he seems to have a basic malfunction in the use of commas. Case in point, his intro;
A 40 year old southern california creative professional passionate about politics, media, intelligent discourse and whatever else that happens to cross my mind from time to time.
Hold on. I need to take a breath. I don't care how cute of a blogger he/she/it is. The critical question is; what relationship do he/she/it has with Left2Right? The people demand to know!

Better Living Through Blogging? I'm not sure what this blog is about. Its format left my eyes crossed for a few minutes, but in that lost time I will never get back in my life, I think I may have an idea. First, the title - "Better Living Through Blogging." Ah ha! Play on words alluding to "Better Living Through Chemistry." Of course, another washed up druggie trying to find his enhanced reality via some other way - because dime to donuts this guy still lives at home with his parents and his mom just found his stash of magic 'shrooms. Who else could come up with a picture like this? What is that, a secret message to your pot-pals in British Columbia? "Send more buds...and cheese puffs!" Pathetic Kerry voter.

CDR Salamander? Well, of course modesty prevents me from doing anything but to ask for your support. I could quote from my last FITREP, but that wouldn't be proper.

Geeky Mom? I would like to call her another Lefty Moonbat, but I can't figure out what her interest is besides herself. Anyway, she does seem as if she can't totally get away by being defined by her "man." You can't get more than one line into a google search of her mindless rantings until you hear her brag about "Mr. Geek has a PhD...." bladebladebla. While rolling through the mundane descriptions of her high-carbon life style, and organic children you have to wonder .... why she is trying to also keep up with Mr. Geeky by working on an advanced degree. Must be tough when you describe yourself as,
I'm a geek, a mom, a writer. I'm trying to sort out my thoughts.
You can almost hear everyone in the background saying, "Hi, Geeky Mom." Take a number chicklet, I am the only one allowed to use this medium as a therapy substitute.

Blue Gal? Yes, as you can gather she isn't from "Red America." I guess that is what she is trying to say as one of the womyn of the web. I was going to make a lame attempt to make up Blue Gal's herstory...but being that she is (for now) in the lead on voting, I thought instead I would use her real gravatar (note the scowl) (shame, I was going to use this) and some quotes from her blog to let you know who, like Hillary, the chattering classes think is going to win. As if it should be given to her by fiat because the rest of us are unwashed prolateriate.

If you want to look into someone's perspective in life, it is useful to see who they are willing to expend a few hours waiting in line to let them smear ink on a dead tree; for her President Carter. Usually people react like this about his new book. Not Blue Gal. (It is Mr. Buffet if you are wondering)
Now imagine waiting in line for two hours to watch this for twenty seconds. That was my yesterday.

The book, "Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid" looks really good. I look forward to reading it. Security was very tight at the booksigning. Given the topic and "don't sugarcoat it" message of this book, that should surprise no one.

In spite of the rush, Mister Blue Gal did get in a word to Mister Carter:

Mr. BG: "Thank you for your book, and more importantly, the message contained in it."

Mr. Carter: "Yes, well I think it's long overdue."
And who does she want you to vote for?
Please also give these FOBG's your consideration. And thank you.

Best New Blog - Konagod
Best Liberal Blog - Shakespeare's Sister, Jesus' General, or Bring It On! [my vote in this category is so secret, I don't even know who I'm voting for.]
Best Video Blog - Crooks and Liars
Best Humor Blog - Sadly, No!
Best of the Top 1751 - 2500 Blogs - Last Left Turn Before Hooterville

And of course
Best LBGT Blog - Captain Dyke (What do you MEAN they don't have write-in voting!?! Oh crap.)
A few other sample quotes from her..
In a battle-of-wits steel cage match between Christopher Hitchens and Totie Fields, my money is on the the "hefty, dykey, Jewish" CORPSE.
I'm honored that my post was selected for the latest Carnival of the Liberals, even moreso because two of my favorite bloggers, Shakespeare's Sister and ThreadingWater are also included.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to click on the above graphic to vote for Blue Gal in the category "Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs."

Then, to completely screw up the exit polls, email one, JUST ONE, personal friend of yours, asking them to vote for Blue Gal, too.
The funny thing is, Blue Gal and I could probably be big pals with a lot in common. Mostly because we both like Zappa. Hey, many moons ago I shared most of her views, I could fake it to make it interesting .. we could talk about how Dukakis made me a Republican, why she has a panty fetish, and why she is so hot.

(NB: all in good fun; except for Blue Gal - email me we'll do...lunch. I'll bring my Chomsky. Anyway, these blog awards are all good fun. A nice chance to check out some blogs I do not usually visit. A lot of the above have some very good stuff, and I am humbled to be in their company. There is a lot of effort put out by my fellow "Flappy Birds," they are worth if not your vote, at least your visit.)

Click below to Vote! Every day!
The 2006 Weblog Awards
Apologies to Bubblehead.

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