Monday, December 18, 2006

Reploy where? For what peace?

Last week Bill Gertz interviewed USAF BG Schissler who is thinking along the same lines I have, since, well, the USS COLE bombing.
"We're in a generational war. You can try and fight the enemy where they are and where they're attacking you, or prevent them and defend your own homeland," said Gen. Schissler, deputy director for the war on terrorism within the strategic plans office of the Pentagon's Joint Staff.

"But that's not enough to stop it. We've got to break the chain, and that's ... the ideology. We really need to show the errors in Islamist extremist thinking."

Gen. Schissler said he is concerned that Washington politics is weakening the will of the nation.
"I don't care about the politics. I care about people understanding the facts of what's our enemy is thinking about, what's our strategy to defeat them, and for [Americans] to understand that it will take a long fight, mostly because our enemy is committed to the long fight," he said. "They're absolutely committed to the 50-, 100-year plan."

"One of my concerns is how to maintain the American will, the public will over that duration," he said.
This war and this enemy isn't going anywhere. In 50 years, there is a better than 50% chance if Europe doesn't change both its immigration and birth rate habits - and we retreat - that large parts of Europe will no longer be reliable parts of the West. Watch Rotterdam, Brussels, Malmo and parts of the UK and France to go first. The more they expand, the more aggressive they will become. And unless we get to energy independence - they will always have us by the short hairs. You can elect nothing but Clintons, Obamas, Feingolds, and Sanders for the next 50 years and it won't make a difference. Retreat, and the battle will come to you.

My daughters know to expect wars. Do yours? Do your sons? Do you? They are prepared. How is your house?

You cannot negotiate with it. You cannot reason with it. You can only destroy it. BG Schissler gets it.


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