Friday, December 15, 2006

Sen. Obama; about your ears....

Man, oh Manishevitz - the '08 race is going to be fun to watch. From Rush (I know, but he is just reporting it)
Obama up in New Hampshire being treated like a god making a speech. Now, apparently before he made the speech, Maureen Dowd had written something about his big ears. Obama, after the speech, made a beeline for Maureen Dowd who was in the audience to tell her that he didn't appreciate her writing about his big ears. Now, there's a lot of noise here and it's very muddy. I'll translate it for you, but here's how it sounded.

OBAMA (off mic): You talked about my ears, and I just want to put you on notice: I'm very sensitive about -- What I told them was, ''I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.'"

Welcome to varsity football Senator. Get a thicker skin, and don't give away your "tender bits." If you think MoDo's ear comment and the return of your own little Rezko whispering campaign is bad - you haven't seen anything yet. Sen. Clinton's SPECOPS and irregular warfare teams haven't even started to go at you.

Last chance to vote! A very gracious Shipmate Eagle1 as offered his support even - we need a big push today, as we are third.

Hat tip Drudge.

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