Saturday, December 16, 2006

Horseshoes and hand grenades

First of all, thanks for all the support during the Weblog Awards voting - especially EagleSpeak, BLACKFIVE, NeptunusLex, Ninme, Argghhh!!!, TheRandomYak, Martin Andrade, and others I may have missed who linked/endorsed CDR Salamander. Just as important are those who put up with my "vote-for-me" reminders and took the time to vote as often as they did. In the end, we came in 3rd with 21.49 % (751). Second place was TheDebateLink with 22.93 % (801), and coming out "on top" where she prefers to be, is my newest girl-in-every-port, Miss Al-a-bama BlueGal. Though we don't agree on much besides her hotness, she does a good job on her site. Both #1 and #2 are Left-of-center blogs with a general topic spread. When I consider that (with a push by EagleSpeak's and Martin Andrade's voters, thanks guys) in the Flappy Bird grouping I came represent the Right side of the equation, that is quite humbling considering the quality blogs in the group - and the fact that I try to keep this at least 50% Navy/military related that narrow-casts a bit - though I know that I drift off more than some of my most loyal readers like.

So, in summary - again - THANKS ALL!!! Considering that the Right doesn't get into the group-play/group-vote thingy as well as the Left - I think everything went very well.

As a side-bar, this PodCast from Martin Andrade Blogs just nails the Iraq Surrender Report (10% I don't agree with - but 90% is solid). This guy is good. Go to his spot and pay him for a visit. I just added him to my blogroll.

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