Wednesday, December 27, 2006

21 guns: Four Flourishes: Eight Sideboys

Time to play Taps.

Render Honors: President Ford passed away. A good man who served his nation at a very difficult time. He was a good President as well - given the environment he had to work in.

He was also a Shipmate who served on the USS Monterey (CVL-26). A full report of his service here.

Boatswain; pipe President Ford "Over the Side."

If you live near a Navy base, expect some gunfire.
On the day after notification, one gun every half hour from 0800 until sunset, fired by all saluting ships not under way in U.S. ports, the senior saluting ship not under way in a foreign port, and all stations with saluting batteries. On the day of the funeral, 21 minute guns fired at noon.
H/T Bubblehead for some ideas.

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