Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sending a woman to do a man's job

Driving cars, giving directions, being astronauts. I give you Suni Willians, USN. Always remember what the Navy teaches you Shipmate: no excuses - take responsiblity - move on.


While I am being non-PC (the above is some Navy-2-Navy towel snapping grief; if you can take a joke get a life) - let's look at how the PC police have taken over NASA.

Quick, before they change things, go over to their web page here. It is funny, they always tell us they want Navy/Gov'mnt/NASA etc to "look like America." Well, according to NASAs Astronauts, America has nothing but women and black men. And no, it isn't by accident. I have received my marching orders before on official picture selection. This stuff is done on purpose by small people with small ideas driven by fear and bad, destructive ideology.

Aw, heck. I'll do a screen cap for you on the right. If it wasn't so partonizing and obvious it would be pathetic. Stop picking the scab.

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