Monday, December 04, 2006

Combined Joint

Time to share some more love with the Dutch. You read a lot in the US press about the British and Canadians in Afghanistan, but my Dutch friends always get the short end of the PR line. Must be that hard "G" they use.

Two vids so you know they are pulling their weight. First are Dutch Commandos spotting Taliban for a US Navy F-18 with a .50 M2. Except for some bearded US ODA guys in the second video, it is in Dutch, but that doesn't matter. Shows you that "Dry Hole" and "Jesus Christ" are unquestionably part of the universal language - and the Dutch can keep their beards.

The second one is a lot busier, you see footage from Dutch Commandos raiding a suspected IED facilitator in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. On the way back to base they get ambushed.

PS. you can also see a small glimpse of ANA troops and a US ODA member in the vid.

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