Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pantserhouwitser in Afghanistan.

No, it's spelled right. Yes, the Dutch word for "Panzer" looks much more civilized, but the effect is the same if you are downrange.

I found this over at the great ISAF resource of the Uruzgan Weblog that provides,
Open source information about 1 (NLD/AUS) Task Force Uruzgan, the combined Dutch/Australian contribution to NATO's deployment in Southern Afghanistan, also known as Stage III of ISAF, the International Security Assistance Force. Older reports (1000+) can be found in their respective Categories; also a search function ('Zoek') is available.
Or, for Outlaw Mike;
Openbare informatie over 1 (NLD/AUS) Task Force Uruzgan, de Nederlands-Australische bijdrage aan Fase III van ISAF, de door de NAVO geleide International Security Assistance Force. Ruim duizend oudere berichten zijn te vinden in hun desbetreffende categorie; bovendien zijn berichten op trefwoord te vinden via het zoekvenster.
If you are a regular reader here or at Argghhh!!!, you've seen her before!
UPDATEWe have video!! OK, this isnt' the Dutch in AFG, but it is the Germans sales video. Sounds meaner in German anyway. Now, if we could just get the Germans to use them in AFG....

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