Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baker-Hamilton: last best chance

No, it isn't perfect - but it is good. I'll take good, and here is why.

The Political Center of Gravity of our side of this battle is the unity of support inside our government. We can do everything else 100% right, but if the anti-American Left and their bed-fellows in the Islamist Movement succeed in taking down that CoG (which is faltering), then we lose. Period.

I am still convinced that the majority of the Democrats want the US to win regardless of who gets the credit; well mostly. Me, I don't care. There is enough here with the Iraq Studies Group to give both sides enough cover to stop clawing each other's eyes out and push to succeed. Yes, I saw the press conference. I am happy with "success." Victory by any other name is just as sweet.

If you missed the press conf., you can watch it
here. To read it yourself, here or here. If you want to get the MSM view on things, here is CNN, Fox (yes it is MSM), BBC, WaPo, and NYT. Some of them are being Drama Queens - ignore that. It is what the politicians do that is important. That is what I am going to watch. The first signs are good (new SECDEF conf. hearings). Again, read through the media spin and watch.

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