Monday, December 18, 2006

MCPON Campa - getting better and better

The new Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy hasn't adopted the entire "Salamander Agenda," but he is getting real close. What more than praise and support can you give a MCPON in the post-Scott era who says,
In another change, he’s scrapped what had been called the CNO/MCPON leadership panel and established instead the MCPON’s Leadership Mess.

“That panel and the way it was, no longer exists,” he said. “
As a command master chief, I have no idea how to run a panel, but I do know how to run a mess, and that’s what it will be from here on out.”
He also is going to get rid of that silly "CNO Designated CMC" thingy.
The Navy will phase out the title of Chief of Naval Operations-designated command master chief, according to Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (FMF/SW) Joe Campa.

Now, those master chiefs will revert back to the title of command master chief. The decision is part of Campa’s attempt to re-energize the Navy’s collective chiefs’ mess.

“This is just the beginning,” Campa said. “There will be more changes coming after the first of the year.”

The changes will be made official by the end of January, when the revision to the command master chief OpNav instruction is released. A cutoff date will be set for all CNO-designated command master chiefs to revert their titles to CMC. This means they will again use the rating designation of CmdCM.

The title, Campa said, was established in the early 1990s to identify command master chiefs who work for flag officers who report directly to the chief of naval operations or have unique regional responsibilities.
Thank goodness. The best Chiefs I have ever known just wanted to be know as "Chief," as there could be nothing greater or more honored thing they could be called. Same as calling a Senior Chief "Senior," or a Master Chief, CMDCM or otherwise, "Master Chief."

I look forward to seeing the rest. If he came out and said, "Screw TFU. E6 and below will wear grey shirts and we will adopt the Army's new combat uniform instead of the Navy's unique uniform. Oh, and if the nukes want poopy suits, fine with me." .... all would be perfect in the world.

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