Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bikinis vs. Burkahs - Pig blood vs. Mosques

Talk about beauty and the beast! Non-violent civil disobedience against the tolerance of intolerance. Is catching on. From Jawa, the InfidelBloggersAlliance brings you from The Lucky Country...
POLICE have been asked to protect Australia's largest mosquenext weekend because of concerns that a bikini march staged to coincide with the anniversary of the Cronulla riots (Pastorius note: the Cronulla riots were riots between Muslims and non-Muslim Australians) may get out of control.

The caretaker of Lakemba Mosque, the Lebanese Muslim Association, says it is taking no risks, requesting at least 32 police officers to protect the place of worship on Saturday and Sunday.
Snicker. Scared of Hooters Chicks. I wonder if they will be eating pork rinds.

From The Brussels Journal, the Danes take it to a different level.
On Sunday night, residents of a Copenhagen suburb protested against the construction of a mosque by drenching the building site with pigs’ blood. A video of the act – showing the men pouring a red liquid on the ground (and speaking in English so the whole world would understand) was released to the media anonymously. Muslims consider pigs to be unclean. Hence, they are not allowed to build a mosque on pig-infested soil.

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