Monday, December 04, 2006

Marwan, Mohamed, Omar, Didmar, Ahmed, and Mahmoud's excellent adventure

The good folks at Pajamas Media have a PDF of the arrest report for the "Flying Imans."

Read it can come to your own conclusions - but to me this is rather simple. You can break this into the Most Likely and Most Dangerous Courses of Action (COA).
  • Most Likely COA: They were intentionally trying to start an incident in order to get PR, raise Cain, perhaps a lawsuit, and generally vex the Infidel.
  • Most Dangerous COA: This was a very poorly executed Dry Run to see if they could get away with a planned action before they actually did it.
Either way, the airline did the right thing, and would have had a mutiny on their hands if they did not. The flying Imans should be treated with the distain they have earned - as anyone that tries to defend their actions as harmless.
UPDATE: Via Jawa, Dennis Miller puts a nice spin on the whole thing.

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