Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oliver Stone, I owe you an apology

Over a year ago, I considered Oliver Stone making a movie about 9/11 a dishonor. It looks like this time I was the one with 180deg lockoff - sounds like he has made a movie we can all be proud of. From Cal Thomas;
I have a long list of favorite patriotic movies, including "Victory at Sea," "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "Sands of Iwo Jima," but Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" is right up there with the best of them. It is one of the greatest pro-American, pro-family, pro-faith, pro-male, flag-waving, God Bless America films you will ever see.
...Whatever one thinks of Oliver Stone, the man knows how to make movies. This is one of his best. It deserves an Oscar in so many categories. It also deserves the thanks of a grateful nation. Go and see it beginning Aug. 9 and make him a large profit so he might consider inspiring us again, as his predecessors so often did during Hollywood's Golden Age.
I'm waiting for someone to call Oliver Stone something he never thought would be thrown his way - Republican lackey. After all, how can you make such a film that doesn't somehow blame Bush? Here is a trailer from YouTube, but go the site for another - it is worth the visit.

Hat tip The Corner.

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