Saturday, July 01, 2006

Emily for embed

As fun as it would be to Fisk Emily silly; I just don't have the energy this Saturday to deal with such a highly educated and talented ignoramus, and a master debater. She would probably leave me saying lots of "Ummm.." and "Errrr.." so I will be passive aggressive and just do a drive-by post.

Her post is just such a series of "random leftist who doesn't talk to anyone outside her echo chamber" comments, that it is numbing.
Ignorance isn't too much of a problem, it is stupidity that drives me nuts. I don't think Emily Messner (nee Bernstein) is stupid. I just think she is ignorant when it comes to the meatier ends of national security issues.

She would do herself and her readers a great favor if she took up a year-long embed with the Marines in Iraq. She would find herself,as a primary source, all the answers to the following questions.
- How many more times will we let fear blur the line between right and wrong, humane and inhumane?
- How much liberty are we willing to sacrifice for safety?
- Are we safer today thanks to the Iraq war?
- Has 'coercive interrogation' made us more secure?
- Are we better off as a nation -- and as individuals -- when a few top officials can order government surveillance of American citizens?
Emily, the world where those who would either kill you are put you in a burka is a nasty, brutish, and for most of them, short. Learn why. Write a book. Meet a cute Marine Major you meet there and introduce him to one of your WaPo women who cannot find a real man in DC lefty circles.

Trust me, your articles will be more interesting than your last two:
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Oh, she isn't on Michelle's favorites either.

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