Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tony Blair's historical folly

Next year will be the 300th anniversary of the United Kingdom. Good chance you won't see a 400th. Via The England Project from The American Spectator.
From the day it gained office in Britain New Labour, in an ambiguous alliance with forces further left, has either initiated or connived at loosening, weakening, unscrewing and generally damaging the structures of virtually every British institution and tradition. Its crowning achievement may be the actual destruction of the United Kingdom.
Study devolution and West Lothian question.

History will probably remember Tony Blair as a selfish, political narcissist who sold hundreds of years of honored history, bought with seas of blood, for nothing but short term political gain. Love the war on terror thingy, but for Great Britian he is a cancer. Odds are good he set his nation on a course that will lead to its disolution. Listen here for the BBC report.

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