Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bolivian Freedom Babes!!

You thought Lebanon had good looking freedom babes; well in addition to the below, check out GatewayPundit and PublisPundit for more pictures and background. Here is the summary, and remember - anything that makes Commies and their useful idiots lose face - is a good thing.
President Evo Morales' ambitious plans to empower Bolivia's indigenous majority and boost state control over the economy suffered a setback Sunday when his party failed to win control of an assembly that will rewrite the constitution, unofficial results showed.

The results, based on a partial count of actual votes at 100 percent of polling stations done for the PAT television network, gave Morales supporters 132 seats in the 255-person body, far short of the two-thirds majority they needed to push through their leftist agenda.

In a separate ballot question with potentially explosive results, voters in four of Bolivia's nine states overwhelmingly chose greater political and economic autonomy for their states, according to the unofficial results.
Hat tip SilentRunning.

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