Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What thought police look like, at the beginning

The Belgian authorities are going after Paul Belien at The Brussels Journal:
This morning, a police officer from the "Projectcel Mensenhandel en Vreemdelingen" (Project Cell Human Trafficking and Foreigners) came to my door to question me about alleged "racist" articles on this website. I was not in. My son was told to tell me to contact the police asap in order to make an appointment for interrogation. Apparently crime statistics in Belgium are so low that the police have nothing better to do than harrass journalists. However, since my lawyer is on vacation they will have to wait. The Belgian regime has decided to intimidate me in the hope to close down this website. I am becoming quite a regular at the local police station. Last month they questioned me for homeschooling my children. I will keep you posted.
Maybe Anne should tell PalmPilot to turn down those NATO orders...

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