Friday, July 07, 2006

John Batiste: saying nothing loudly

Yawn. Major General John Batiste (USA, Ret), as you may know, is one of the Revolting Generals of the Pensioners Revolt. In the San Diego Tribune, he repeats himself again in his tourretes like attack on the SECDEF, and then does something very strange; he recommends what is already being done. Kind of like walking over to a house under construction and saying, “I have an idea; this would be a great place to build a house.”

Anyway, let’s play paddy-cake with J.B.
How do we win in Iraq?

Win we must and an early withdrawal from Iraq will only set the region up for disastrous consequences. America needs to turn the reins over to Iraq sooner rather than later, but challenges continue in establishing the security necessary for a free society to flourish: training and equipping competent Iraqi security forces; and identifying the turning point where Iraqi's are prepared to take charge and lead.
Huh? Did he save this as a draft a year ago and just press "send" the other day? See Ref. A.
I suggest we renew our commitment to establish security in Iraq in order for a “democratic government” to take hold and develop. Security will set the conditions for the much-needed development of Iraqi oil, electricity and water infrastructure. The people of Iraq must experience improvements to their quality of life.
Like the "democratic government" jab? See Ref. B. Oil, Ref. C. QOL, Ref. D.
Our political leaders must mobilize the American people for a long-term commitment of five to 10 years. A quick read of insurgencies over the past 100 years would suggest nothing less. This is not about partisan politics, but what is good for America.
See Ref. E. Now, General, what in Sam Hill was that all about? What does this "Ahab is to whale, as J.B. is to Rummy" have to do with winning this war? That last bit didn't really even seem like each clause belonged together. Did your WordPerfect 5.1 get a bug? Politics? That is rich coming from an election year, with this bubbl'n about? Ahhhhh, that last link. That is rich soil. I think I have Saturday's post.

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