Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th from the NYT!

From the "there's a shocker" file, I say this on the OP-ED of the NTY on the 4th; "Disunited States of America."
On Independence Day, would we all be happier with even more independence? What if government of the people meant that the Red people in the South and the Blue people in the North had a border between them?

This question used to be of interest mainly to Southerners mourning their Lost Cause, but nowadays Northerners have their own reason to lament. The South is gaining seats in Congress at their expense, and four of the last five presidents have come from the South.

If the South were a separate country, Northern liberals wouldn't be ranting at George W. Bush and Pat Robertson. They wouldn't be frantically trying to find a candidate who appealed to the Bible Belt and pretended to enjoy Nascar races. They might never hear a Garth Brooks song or have to stop at a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

Southern conservatives wouldn't have to fight for moral values against godless Yankees. They wouldn't have to watch John Kerry go hunting. Michael Moore would be an obscure foreign filmmaker. Talk-show hosts wouldn't be rallying their audiences against Hillary Clinton because she'd never have been elected to their Senate. Politics in both countries might be less partisan, even civil.
There follows a well known review of "what if the South won.." alternative history review. That is nice and all and I actually like the article; but why on the 4th? Come on John, just give one day, just one, without sending NE sneer to the rest of us. Too much to ask? For all the good this nation has brought us? Just a little. Couldn't you just post a picture of a some kid wearing a Yankee hat eating a hotdog with his pooch begging for a bite? Then again, if you think the nation is a load of crap...

Anyway, I don't want my politics less partisan and civil. When both sides of the aisle are getting along - in peacetime that usually means they are ganging up on the taxpayers.

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