Monday, July 10, 2006

Service Dress Khaki

Hey, something Task Force Uniform is doing that I can get behind 100% .... if they get rid of something along the way. I would gladly trade Chokers and Service Dress Blues and Khaki's for SDK.
The Navy’s 3-year-old seabag-shaking unit is now developing concepts for a new service dress khaki uniform for chiefs and officers.

Officials say wear tests for the World War II-era inspired uniform could get the go-ahead as early as this October.
That wasn’t the case during World War II, when chiefs and officers wore the service dress khaki uniform and all of its versatile variants.

Such sailors as Fleet Adm. Chester Nimitz, for example, could routinely be seen sans jacket, wearing just a long-sleeved khaki shirt with a black tie with either a combination cover or garrison cap.

In that configuration, no ribbons or qualification pins were worn on the shirt, just silver rank insignia on the collars. It was a casual, but not totally informal, military uniform.

But in seconds, simply by donning the khaki jacket adorned with the wearer’s qualification pins and ribbons, the chief or officer was set to walk into any situation requiring a more formal look.

Conversely, by taking off the tie, the uniform became a slightly more casual version of today’s service khakis.

That flexibility is very appealing to TFU.
Hey, here is a B-school "transformational" term they can use in the PPT brief; it's "scalable."

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