Monday, July 31, 2006

Sec. Webb: my kingdom for a Craney Island

Skippy isn't going to like this.

Picture that you have a former Sec. of the Army who is running for Senate in Kentucky. In a debate, he is asked about Fort Knox, and he has never heard of it.

Well, former SECNAV Webb of Reagan Administration fame/infamy, is running as a Democrat against Senator Allen of VA. Things are not going well.
Republican Sen. George Allen has a 16-point lead over Democratic challenger Jim Webb in the latest independent statewide poll, published Sunday, but a fifth of the electorate is still undecided. ...

Forty-eight percent backed Allen and 32 percent supported Webb in the Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. survey of registered voters likely to vote in the Nov. 7 election.
The Democrats had a shot here. What seems to have sunk him? During a debate, this exchange took place,
Allen asked: "Jim, what's your position on the proper use of Craney Island?"

Webb replied, candidly: "I'm not sure where Craney Island is. Why don't you tell me?"

No doubt feeling very pleased, Allen replied: "Craney Island's in Virginia."
Yes, former SECNAV doesn't know Craney Island is in VA. Hint, it is right under the big trapezoid looking thing here. It is a little important to VA and the Navy too,
Craney Island Fuel Terminal, Portsmouth, Virginia is the Navy's largest fuel facility in the United States. It possesses 1100 acres (4.45 E6 m2) of above- and below- ground fuel storage tanks.

The Captain gives no quarter.
Craney Island supports tens of thousands of jobs and serves as a major refueling port on the Atlantic Coast. It also has plenty of historical significance for a state that practically serves history with every breakfast. Ignorance of its significance painted Webb as a lightweight, and the new polling demonstrates that plenty of Virginians paid attention.
Ouch. Lesson Learned here, Shipmate. "I'm against Bush and the war...." will only get you so far. There is a lot more to being a Senator than helping a national party gain power. Much more.

Hat tip Captain's Quarters.

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