Monday, July 10, 2006

Why Italy was destined to win

I know 95% of you don't care about the World Cup, but bear with me - I'll do this for The Commissar if no one else.

It is all rather simple. All you needed to know is the year, the continent the Cup is being contested on, the geography of nations the final four, the political party of the President of Italy, and the geographical location of Italy's opponent nation.

Since 1970, Italy has been in the final four times:


Also of note, on each of their wins, a penalty happend early on. So, we can predict that in 2018 if the World Cup is in Europe, all 4 finalists are European, Italy's President is/once was a Communist (if true, how sad), their opponent is an European, and there is a penalty early on, Forza Italia!

All this came from an Italian friend. I tried very hard to fold in the number "19" but had no luck.

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