Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Behold the power of the Tree

An Associated Press estimate put the number at least 800,000. Either way it was the biggest demonstration ever in this country of 3.5 million.

Cars and buses carrying protesters jammed the main roads into Beirut, forcing some people to leave their vehicles and walk. Druse descended from the Chouf and Aley mountains east and southeast of the capital, Christians came from the heartland in the northeast and many Sunni Muslims came from Tripoli, Dinniyeh and Akkar. Others traveled to Beirut from Hariri's southern hometown, Sidon.
To put that number, 800,000 (some estimates are 1,000,000 plus), in perspective it is:
  • 60+% greater then the Hezbollah rally
  • That would be the same if 68 million Americans marched....on Washington DC

  • Potential downside of this wonderful display of a desire for freedom? Perhaps war, civil and/or with Syrian troops.

    The upside? Freedom. If the secular Shiites join Sunnis, Druze, and Christians they should be able to get their freedom. Hopefully this can be done peacefully, but if not. Other nations have bled to gain their freedom.

    This time though, I think might get lucky. This Arab Spring has the hope for a reasonably peaceful transition. Hope.

    Watch the video here and note the first two pictures below. The first from Hezbollah, the others from yesterdays demonstration. Like I mentioned here and here; beauty beats the beast every day, so does a sense of humor. For now, I'll shut up and let the pictures talk.

    NB: I have been asked why so many of my pictures from Lebanon focus on young, attractive women. Well, ummmm, I'm a Sailor. What? Beirut is a port town. What? OK, seriously. One of the cornerstones of Islamofascism is a virulent strain of misogyny. They treat their women like property, and force them to cover themselves from head to toe in shame because their men can't control themselves. People need to realize that Arab women are just like your sister, mother, wife, or daughter; and anyone that has been to Senor Pacos in Manama, Bahrain on a Thursday night will tell you they look drop dead gorgeous in a black party dress. Seeing those young women, who arguably have to most to loose if the Forces of Darkness win, willing to go out there and demand the right to be, well themselves, embody all that we are working for. My opinion. Oh, and speaking of Bahrain, if you are looking for a good Bahraini blog, go to Mahmood's Den.

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