Friday, March 18, 2005

Shipmate, I can help you find the Pentagon gym

Anyone watch Rummy's 2nd Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq?

Great speech that I will link to later when I find a transcript; so far on target. Did you know what caught my eye? Well, an amorphous khaki blob of a LT Surface Warfare Officer took up the right side of the TV screen behind Rummy.

Shoes fight hard to overcome the image of out-of-shape, doughy officers. Professional note of the day: If you are on Pentagon duty and are too busy being a PowerPoint Ranger to PT, please save us all the embarrassment of your pudgy self, and don't try so hard to sit behind SECDEF when he is speaking on national TV. If you are going to have a "Mr. Clean" haircut on shore duty, make sure you have a Mr. Clean waist. If I can find a pic later, I'll add it on an update.

UPDATE: Well it looks like I am not the only one embarrassed by LT Pudge. Looking at the pictures at the DOD site, they are all taken at an angle that LT Pudge (should any LT have a Pudge? If you are over 35 I will spot you an extra 15 or so, but under 30 and a leader of warriors? Unless it is medical, no way.) is out of the picture. That is just funny as all get-out. If you look at the pictures, he is no kidding 1-2 people just to the right of the photo. Looks like I will have to dig deeper.

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