Sunday, March 06, 2005

21,000 dead and you still like Carlos Santana and The Motorcycle Diaries

Communism=Fascism. I don’t care how you want to argue the different flavor; evil and genocide is a rancid broth regardless of what name you want to put on it. Besides the fringe, the farce, and the goofball, Western Fascism from the mid 1900’s is gone. Unfortunately, the corpse of that Communist death merchant still walks in North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, and China and people still love it.

Of the hundreds of millions of souls that these two European philosophies have consumed over the last 87 years, the vast majority of the butcher’s bill belongs to the
Red, not the Black. Yet, to this day there is a certain “Commie Chic” out there that is a prime example of willful ignorance, the Che fest of Carlos Santana and Hollywood just two examples. I don’t see a way to marginalize the Reds like the Fascists have been, so I always go by to visit the Commissar when I need to calm down.

To the point, on 05 MAR 1940, an order was signed by Stalin for the execution of 21,000 Polish military officers, intellectuals, and priests in the forests of Katyn. The population of Poland at the outset of WWII was 35 million: 21,000 out of that population would equate to 180,000 Americans today. The educated elite. Pol Pot learned well from the master.

Krystyna Balcer, a 62-year-old retiree whose uncle was killed in Katyn, remained angry about the massacre and the Soviet invasion of Poland prior to World War II, carried out under a secret agreement between Stalin and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

"They betrayed us they stuck a knife in our backs," she said of the Soviets invading Poland from the east in 1939, 17 days after Germans entered from the west. The massacre "was unimaginable cruelty, it was genocide."

Yep, that is Communism for you. Power to the people, indeed.

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