Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ummmm, I agree with John Bolton

Few things in life are as fun as political Jujitsu; take your enemy's weapons and using them against them. LGF again does us a great service.

A "grassroots" organization (see major Soros like contributors to etc) called has a heavily edited tape out from what looks like the '90s with Mr. Bolton telling UNsniks "what-for." Just a beautiful telling of reality to a bunch of anti-American Internationalists who have lost their spine, and their clue; not to mention their military.

My favorite quote from the conf (besides all of Mr. Bolton's) is from a standard issue, musty Brit, Mr. Erskine Childers:
And for the rest of the world, uhhh, for other nations, strengthening the United Nations is vital because contrary to the assumptions made in this debate so far; there is no country in the world that can guarantee its own security..
Speak for yourself. Just because you have made yourself impotent, it doesn't mean we have.

This reminds we of Chirac's perfect quote leading up to the Iraqi invasion:
"Secondly, as far as we're concerned, war always means failure,"
Sure Jacques, that is quite true; if you ARE FRANCE!

I know I am pirating LGF's bandwidth, but it is for a good cause. See the whole video here.

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