Thursday, March 10, 2005

Iraqi Police give their lives so American Soldiers will live

Being that Dan Rather and CBS didn't report this during Dan's swan song, Major K reports of a case near his base where the Iraqi Police (IP) proactively put themselves between a suicide car bomber (AKA Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device-VBIED), loosing their lives to save Americans. Ponder that, then ponder again.

Some people (and you know who you are) need this shoved in their face. Bravo Zulu and Rest in Peace IP.

As they headed to their destination a civilian vehicle pulled on from a side alley and attempted to get into the convoy. Apparently, the convoy gunners were too green or some how did not perceive the car to be a threat. They did not wave the car off, throw anything at him, cut him off, or shoot to try and stop him. A nearby IP (Iraqi Police) SUV witnessed the intruding vehicle and immediately intervened. It pulled up to the rear of the convoy and tried to force the intruding vehicle off the road. The IP’s had successfully put themselves between the vehicle and the US convoy. Unable to deter the vehicle from approaching the US convoy or make it pull over, the IP’s fired at the engine of the encroaching vehicle. At this point, the driver detonated the IED inside his vehicle. Yes, this was a classic VBIED.

This suicide bomber killed himself and the four IP’s in the vehicle holding him at bay.
Hat tip Argghhh!!

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