Thursday, March 17, 2005

Washington State: What is your malfunction, numb nuts?

Well, what I have heard from my relatives from the Western Branch of the family continues to be proven every day: being that they ruined perfectly good California, the rampaging Leftist self-haters have left to ruin the other States out West. They are thick in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and sniffing around New Mexico and Arizona. Note you don’t see them too much in Idaho (outside some special districts in Boise); I think the Idaho National Guard shoots anyone reeking of Patchouli oil or is found with a copy of The Nation or The Village Voice in their possession.

We already discussed
what the Moonbats did in Seattle as of late. That was at a small community college, so they used young adults as useful idiots. That isn’t too bad. This time they are using high school kids for their sick display of clueless narcissism.

Three invited pro-military speakers were shocked last Friday when they arrived for a West Seattle High student assembly to confront a theater stage strewn with figures costumed as Iraqi men, women and children splashed with blood.
It was a warm-up for the "Iraq Awareness Assembly"….

For Nadine Gulit of Operation Support Our Troops, the spectacle was sickening.
She had been asked by student organizers to provide three speakers and she delivered.

"I was told there would be three on each side. No debates. No rebuttal," she said in the e-mail she fired off to members of the Seattle School Board. "At no time was I referred to a teacher nor did a teacher contact me. As I walked into the theater there was a young girl wearing a mask and crawling on the floor. And, over the loud speaker (someone) was denouncing our military, saying 'Americans are killing my family!' "

Not a good thing for "impressionable students who may have family serving Iraq," Gulit told student organizers. "Two of our speakers had returned from Iraq and Afghanistan."

Yep, my first thought, was, “Where in the hell were the teachers and administrators?” teachers or advisers were on hand or evidently even aware of the content although that part is one of several things still under investigation.
OK…. That means one of two things:
  • Teachers and Administrators are setting a typical Leftist example by lying and hiding from responsibilities for their actions.
  • Teachers and Administrators are setting a typical Leftist example by exercising absolutely no control over their schools, student, of use of their facilities; hiding from responsibilities for their (in)action.

  • Either case, my next question is; parents-where are you? Oh, I forgot:
    this is Seattle. Perhaps it is time to split the state. Though she can speak for herself, I am sure that Anne can add this as reason 4,345,546 she homeschools her kids.

    Hat tip
    Michelle Malkin.

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