Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Whodathunk? The Army found me!

Wow, Army Times is going to make it harder for me to hide. Nice complement, thank you. I am surprised I made the cut, especially since I pinged on their sister publication, The Navy Enquirer, ummm I mean Navy Times, awhile back.

In the company of Mudbille Gazette, Blackfive, Life in this Girl's Army, Armor Geddon and others like them. Wayne said it best.

Let me steal some of Blackfives code:

Below are the articles on the MilBlogs:

The Blogs Of War (New MilBlogging Article)

A Penny For Their Thoughts (MilBloggers Cash In?)

Learning From Blogs (Editorial)

Before you leave, check out the "recently" list of latest posts on the right if you are looking for Navy specific links. I have been on a "macro strategic security trends" kick over the last few days. Comments always welcome. Visit often. WELCOME ABOARD!

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