Thursday, March 10, 2005

Spoiled children void of reason throw temper tantrums

Ok, I am sated from a full dinner, so this time I won't call them the F-word, but the Left's inability to deal with reality in Europe or in one of our BENELUX areas here in the States is getting tiresome. Mostly because they get away from it.

The new habit of the Left is to attack what you cannot logically oppose in the marketplace of ideas do to your complete lack of reason in facts. Michael at Downeastblog has a nice example from the enlightened youth of Belgium. There is so much wrong with this, but most of all only the most uncivilized person would do this to an Alpha Romero. Just wrong.

Of course, we have our clueless spoiled brats here as well. You can watch the video here or just read the Brownshirt Moonbattery here. Oooohhhhh. Yell at the Zoomies!!! what a stud!!!!! I bet the place smells like Patchouli Oil for weeks.

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