Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"World Ends Tomorrow: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit; Won't be Able to Blog as Much"

CAPT. Ed just nukes
Steven Levy's latest iteration of the liberal cant in the next edition of Newsweek. From his article :

At a recent Harvard conference on bloggers and the media, the most pungent statement came from cyberspace. Rebecca MacKinnon, writing about the conference as it happened, got a response on the "comments" space of her blog from someone concerned that if the voices of bloggers overwhelm those of traditional media, "we will throw out some of the best ... journalism of the 21st century." The comment was from Keith Jenkins, an African-American blogger who is also an editor at The Washington Post Magazine [a sister publication of NEWSWEEK]. "It has taken 'mainstream media' a very long time to get to [the] point of inclusion," Jenkins wrote. "My fear is that the overwhelmingly white and male American blogosphere ... will return us to a day where the dialogue about issues was a predominantly white-only one." ...
Does the blogosphere have a diversity problem?

Ah, the diversity cult is coming after the most free (and I mean free-don't cost 'nut'n), open, and painfully full of feedback public areas ever created, The Blogosphere.

Good gracious, no one here cares what or who you are, but what you say. The whole diversity racket is so
1970s anyway.

How did I know about CAPT Ed's post? Well on the way back from the head yesterday at 1630, I saw
on CNN they had ZPG Candy Crowley talking to two female reporter types in some lame-looking, computer filled space; pointing out blogs on a screen, highlighting and commenting on them on what looks like a regular "What are people blogging" segment. New technology: old network: old topic template. Yawn. They were talking about CAPT Ed and "diversity" WRT blogs, mostly that, you guessed it, too many white males out there blogging. Funny thing that; and entire segment of three women complaining that only men are talking. Savory self-irony there.

I can't squash this any better than
CAPT Ed, so go there for the full effect. On a parallel note, Michelle Malkin skewers another liberal HVU AKA Maureen Dowd, on women bloggers. Too few? Harumph. Mrs. Salamander must feel I am having a cyber affair with all the links to Michelle, Anne, Ninme, NotSweetWords, and the Bookworm.

Give it a rest. What a bucket of
bucket of FOD. You know, as dangerous as it is, that sacred diversity cow needs kicking. All these bean counters and victim pimps need to
Lean over on the book case
If you really want to get straight
Read Dr. Thomas Sowell
Get a new towel
Mmmmm. Ideas.....

OK, first MWR Raffle. First person to identify in the comments section the song, singer, and alblum in the above quote (ok, I added the Thomas Sowell and towel. In the song it is *spit*Norman Mailer*spit* and tailor) gets to use my parking space for a month and gets a 72 hr liberty over any three day weekend.

Speaking of MoDo. The hits just keep on coming.
Bookworm just smacks the 'ole "Mean Girl." Well done!


Anonymous said...

cdrsalamander.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

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You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever. http://bit.ly/bllhx1