Monday, March 07, 2005

Lebanese Spring: Why we are on the right side of history

The desire for freedom is a beautiful thing. Laugh at cowboy movies where the Good Guys wear white hats and are someone you would aspire to be, or be around with, and the Bad Guys wear black hats and are shifty, dirty, smelly brutes that would make you uncomfortable to be in the same area code with. Laugh at the Lord of the Rings where the Good Guys are handsome or cute, and the Bad Guys are nasty creatures with horrid habits and give you the creeps. But you know what? Sometimes it is that way in real life.

Pro-freedom demonstrators in Lebanon.

Pro-Syrian demonstrators in Lebanon.

'Nuff said.

Hat tip:
The Jawa Report
Update: Rusty provides a NC-17 link to an update on the two pro-Assad fellas above, now identified as Yasuk Dawoud and Abdul bin Hed-Muncheen.

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