Monday, March 21, 2005

Moonbat Fusion Dance

Often times you can judge your positions by what friends it has, and more important, who and/or what is on the opposite side of the fence.

Like all good sailors, if it is happening in Norfolk or San Diego, you had better pay attention. Check out San Diego Centric blogger Darleen for a review of the San Diego Moonbats literally on parade.

Go to her sight for more pictures, but I'll put up some of my favorites; one of the good, and two of the others. In the spirit of ProtestWarrior, I think the Good Guys put on a good show.

Back to my original point; who is on the opposite side of the fence?

  • Communists

  • Anarchist

  • Green Party

  • Bush haters

  • Public dope smokers

  • Pro-dictator

  • Anti-democracy (purple middle finger-very nice)

  • Rainbow Leftists (not that there is anything wrong with that)

  • Usual "Peace and Justice" flotsam and jetsam 60s losers

  • Thing that is fun about this, look at the average age of the Good vs. Bad (IMNSHO). We have the youth!

    ......and who said the Left were a bitter, classless bunch?

    Communists and Greens. Naw, they don't get along.

    These people flow together throughout the world where you can protest (below Canada and UK). In with the above you can throw in:

  • Shock lesbians

  • Anti-Semite-Israel-USA-Take your pick

  • NB: Logic point of order for our Canadian friends (sic). How can the US be both controlled by Israel AND be Nazi? Just pondering.

    If anyone (and that should be most, including me) have at one point or another entertained the thought that, "Gee, I hope I am right here. Could the Left be right?" Well, I think we can put those thoughts to rest. The very idea that this group could be right about anything is just absurd. From Vietnam, China, Pol Pot, to the Soviet Union, these losers have always been wrong.

    Oh, and you can find the losers in LA here. Even the "Free Mumia" bats were out flying.

    UPDATE: Bookworm isn't too happy with the Moonbats either, and she has a nice literary skewering. Why is it she can put things better with fewer words, no pictures, and fewer links? Sigh.

    Hat tip LGF.

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