Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Fascists of Higher Education: Part Deux

Why I blog anonymously.

I have looked for Professor Klocek's exact words that got him in so much trouble, so I won't take a position one way or another about the offending quotes, as I cannot find them. That being said, it is no surprise that at the home of Fascist oppression in America, AKA academia, they would try to silence an opposing view. I will bet a per diem check that Depaul never suspended a professor for challenging pro-Israel issues, pro-Bush, pro-American, pro-Capitalism, pro-Reagan opinions. Good grief, with Depaul's standards, I could have had all my English, half my Economics, most of my Marketing, and a good balance of my technical course Professors suspended from my undergrad and graduate school universities.

Oh, wait. They had the 'correct' views. Sorry, I forgot.

Note the difference here between
Ward Churchill. Though in my estimation, Churchill's opinions are a bunch of garbage, he is entitled to them. What he is not entitled to is to lie and steal. The only action being taken against Churchill comes from the fact he is a proven fraud WRT his "art", his military service, his writing, and academic credentials.

Last fall, DePaul University professor Thomas Klocek was suspended without a hearing for challenging the viewpoints of certain Muslim students on campus at a student activities fair.
.... and what were those comments beyond the not-hard-to-defend-or-radical position that historically Palestinians are not a distinct people? Are they so benign that the Left is afraid to repeat them?
Klocek showed up to the news conference bound and gagged, illustrating what he believes the university did to him by censoring his views on the Middle East.

BAAAWAAAHAHAHA. That is rich. I love street theater.
The students claimed professor Klocek's arguments were racist and hurt their feelings.
Awwww, poor wittle ting. Its feeling were hurt. That never happens in the real world. Our students should never learn to deal with different opinions, they might have to think hard to defend their own opinion. Poor wittle ting. We just can't have Muslim opinions challenged at University. Heavens no. Hypocrites.

Klocek is being attacked for his opinions alone. Check out the
video to seem more of the street theater, and to see the newsreader's important lesson on the dangers of excessive collagen injection and dermabrasion.

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