Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wesley Clark: Moral Relativist Fool

I need to go PT to stop from throwing my NMCI laptop through the TV.

At 10:19EST during a live interview on
Fox News, GEN Wesley Clark, USA (Ret.) oozed the following disgusting quote.
"(Osama bin Laden) sees himself as something of the George Washington of the Arabian peninsular"
Argghhhh, there goes that vein in my forehead again. This is a disgusting thing to say, but even worse coming from a retired 4-star (though as a member of the "Wall of Shame" not a surprise). Remember, this guy was once a top runner (for a wee-bit) for the Democratic ticket in '04. If Sen. Kerry was elected, this guy could have had a major policy position.

Wesley either has no clue about the history and writings of George Washington and why he led our Revolution against the British Crown, or he is a self-hating (there is that word again) Leftist that has no respect for his country, its founders, and what it stands for. Either way, Wesley does not deserve to be taken seriously by anyone. He proves it again. Perhaps he needs to
read up some more before he compares the uber-leader of the Islamofascist movement to the father of our country. Honestly, where could that concept have even crept into his addled mind?

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