Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What happened to MARSTRAT Monday

Basically, I got pi55ed off, turned off, and decoupled. If you click the label at the bottom, it all started with a (still) incomplete review of the old Maritime Strategy, but with the launching of the new MARSTRAT, it shifted to discussion of the new.

Well, the new MARSTRAT sat with me like a spoonful of unsalted, unbuttered, unpeppered grits. The lame cop-out reviews like those of former SECNAV John Lehman in NOV07's Proceedings didn't help my mood much - just added to my desire to spit it out.
I think, based on conversations and some other reviews starting to move forward that the inadequacy of the new MARSTRAT has started to fester among others. It has moved from a benign mass in the Navy body to an engorged, oozing pustule that demands attention.

I'm thinking about bringing back Maritime Strategy Monday. Maybe not every Monday, but now and then when the right topic comes up. In any event, there are some good MARSTRAT works out there that might be worth out efforts and time.

Galrahn is thinking about it over at his place as well - and I don't think there is a better place to get a critical mass of professionals talking about it.


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