Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McCain reads CDR Salamander...

Maybe not .. but it does sound familiar.
“Whatever suggestion that was made that was any way disparaging to the integrity, character, honesty of either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton was wrong,” he said, “I condemn it, and if I have any responsibility, I will take the responsibility, and I apologize for it.”

He called Mr. Obama a “man of integrity” and said he was someone he had come to know “pretty well and I admire.”

He also said that it was not appropriate to invoke Mr. Obama’s middle name in the course of the campaign.

“I absolutely repudiate such comments,” he said. “It will never happen again.”
McCain knows to beat Obama he has to attack his Center of Gravity via his Critical Vulnerabilities. Obama is most vulnerable on his record, what little there is. If you play school-yard name games, you are being distracted and creating Undesirable Effects in favor of Obama. Fact. Get you game face on; McCain does.

Hat tip Stephen.

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