Wednesday, February 27, 2008

About last night....

I think Hillary finally has figured out what many already saw over the last month.

First of all, the fact that right of center run screaming for the Holy Water whenever she comes on the TV is well known. What is not well known, and on one had the stones to brief Hillary on this - is that on the left of center she was not liked either; but supported due mostly to fear, respect for her ability to wield power a against those who didn't support her, and mostly a desire for a return to Executive power by the Left both in the Democrat Party and the fellow travelers in the Press.

Last night you saw that the left of center and the media now know that they have a chance to do exactly what the right of center wants to do; move beyond the Era of Clinton. In Sen. Obama they see a chance to do exactly that, and perhaps get the Executive Power they once thought only Hillary could deliver.

My support for McCain is well known. My beef with Obama is all policy. From the War to guns and most everything in between, we are on opposite ends. My beef with Clinton is much deeper and best only discussed on a STU.

All that is left for Hillary is the voting in OH and TX. Never count a Clinton out - but I think she is way past "stick a fork in her." The below videos, especially the first one, via NRO should make that clear.

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