Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama's "flagg'n" problems

Some Obama supporters have been just all snitty that anyone should have a problem with Obama's supporter's Che fetish. Some have even scolded here when I mentioned it, saying it is just being "foolish young'sters" that Saint Obama would simply have nothing to do with.

Well, as is often the case - things are a little more complicated than they appear. Remember her?

She isn't a random Communist-lust'n useful idiot who just happens to support Obama, no. Thanks to Bluto, we now know she is Maria Isabel, his Precinct Captain.

The Lone Star Times
has all sorts of goodies on Maria, but this is my favorite. A nice picture of the Precinct Captain.

For those who still want to fling stuff at the messenger; I will simply pull a quote of my own from Stephen's place.
In the end, she is just another useful idiot trying to find some way of feeling better about herself by standing in Sen. Obama's glow. The only reason I have gone back to it, again, is to shoot back at those who support Obama who shot back that "this was just a young student," or "some unknown, unofficial supporter" etc. She is Maria Isabel. She is a Precinct Captain. She has a spot on the official (correction-not an official site, but still.....) Obama website. She is fair game.

Let's be honest here, if it was a Confederate Flag, Odin's Cross, or Amos & Andy playing on a loop on the TV at a McCain or Paul office, it would be blogworthy.

This isn't Saint Worship - this is a primary. An American primary where we as a nation sort the candidates and their supporters out. Just because it opens up some uncomfortable truths (i.e. a lot of the a near-fringe Left in this nation supports Obama), doesn't mean that we should scold those who point and say, "Dude, look, his fly is open...."
Cowboy up; facts are hard things.

I like Obama A LOT, mostly because he is the best way to get rid of the Clintons - but that doesn't mean I am going to pretend things aren't there. One of those thing is that Maria is one of the best thing going right now to solidify the vote for McCain in Florida with the computer literate.

Hat tip Howie at Jawa, who is all over this.

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