Friday, February 29, 2008

Fullbore Friday

Plenty here, here, and here about the various a55hats at the Oscars and the FOD on their lapels. In contrast to that clueless mob, one thing that may have slipped the collective media mind is the salad bar you see on the right.

that man?

That is Mickey Rooney's medals there Shipmate - from WWII. In an age where Hollywierd serves the cause of those who would blow them up and enslave their mistresses - Mickey Rooney was a part of the
Hollywood elite who did this;
Mickey Rooney ... won the Bronze Star for insisting that his pilot fly him into a combat zone to give the troops a few laughs. Celebrity draftees like Mickey Rooney entertained troops in stateside training camps, staging areas and overseas units. Soldier "Jeep Shows" and Special Service Company Shows took live entertainment to combat areas.
He served, and that Bronze Star was given to him by General George Patton himself. Would love to see that citation, but can't find it. I bet the "insisting" had some choice words that went with it. Would love to hear the whole story.

Bronze Star - from General George Patton, USA. That is about as Fullbore as you get.

There are details on Mickey in general here. Of all I have found, I like the pic below with the 44th Infantry somewhere in Germany or the Low Countries in his prime - walking the walk like he still does today.

The rest of the Orange Ribbon Column should hang their head in shame.

Bravo Zulu, Mickey Rooney. Just standing there, you speak with the voice of thunder. BZ, and thanks.

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